Superjacket is dedicated to using our unique comedic sensibility to bring authentic voices and real-life characters to your TV. Building upon our years of experience and the continued success of shows like Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness, Superjacket was founded in 2013 by Rob Dyrdek and Shane Nickerson, and it has been growing rapidly ever since. Superjacket continues to develop improvised reality sitcoms and create fresh takes on proven formats in its signature style.

Rob Dyrdek’s 10+ years as on-air talent, his integral role as executive producer and creator, and his unparalleled experience as an entrepreneur and professional athlete, coupled with Shane Nickerson’s extensive comedy writing and performing background and his fifteen years of producing reality TV, make Superjacket one of the most unique and dynamic production companies in Los Angeles.

Rob Dyrdek

Screenshot 2015-12-23 10.25.36Rob Dyrdek is the driving force behind the creative and marketing aspects of Superjacket.  He is a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, television star, and producer based in Los Angeles.

Rob conceptualized, wrote, produced, and starred in his MTV television shows Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness. He also reached the younger market with his animated series Wild Grinders on Nicktoons. In 2010, Rob created the first professional street skateboarding property, Street League Skateboarding, which is entering its 7th touring season, televised on ESPN/ESPN2 and during the X-Games.

Shane Nickerson

Shane Nickerson has been producing television since 2000, and has written, directed, produced, and performed in almost every medium.  Beginning his career as a segment producer on the frenetic first season of CBS’ Big Brother, he learned quickly how to identify and create strong content that resonates with an audience.

In the Spring of 2005, Shane worked closely with Rob to reshape and rebuild the pilot of Rob & Big into one of the most popular and beloved comedy series in MTV’s history. Together with Rob Dyrdek and the rest of the Superjacket team, Shane keeps creating content that meets their high standards of production, sensibility, and most importantly, comedy.

vp of development

Jen O’Connor originally joined Shane and Rob on the first season of Rob and Big, and since then, she’s been a part of nearly all their joint projects together. Prior to joining Superjacket, Jen was a freelance producer, working on unscripted series for networks such as Bravo, Discovery, MTV, VH1, Fox, Lifetime, A&E, History, and more. As Superjacket’s VP of Development, Jen is involved in every pilot and series that is created, and she continues to have an active role in all current programming.

vp of production

Matt Cabral serves as VP of Production at Superjacket, overseeing all production operations and business development for the company, including new series development and production planning. In addition, he oversees daily operations, supervising all elements of physical production, budgets and personnel.
Most recently, Cabral was VP of Production at Lizard Trading Company, overseeing all areas of production and programming for the company, including the Emmy-winning Whale Wars and Virus Hunters. Prior to that, Cabral was Executive in Charge of Production at 10 x 10 Entertainment, managing production for Pussycat Dolls, White Rapper, Stylista, 24/7, and several others. With over 13 years of television experience, Cabral has worked on a broad range of series including Miracle Workers, Celebrity Mole: Hawaii, Temptation Island International, and many more.